What’s the relevance of an Opal?

If you’ve ever seen an uncut or unpolished opal rock, it doesn’t look very impressive and is often easily over-looked. But when the time and care is put into polishing and nurturing that rock, the result is always the revelation of the most beautiful and totally unique gem – an opal. In ‘The Opal Place,’ we’ll strive to avoid using negative titles, such as: offender, prisoner, ex-prisoner, con, ex-con or child of a prisoner.

Instead any person who is currently serving time or who has served time, will be referred to more accurately as an Opal.

What is The Opal Place?

The Opal Place has been set up by me to help aid communication between parents in prison and their awesome kids.
Anyone is welcome to use this resource no matter where you live or who you are.

I’ve prepared these resources so that they can be printed off and used to help facilitate healthy communication between the: Parent To Child and Child To Parent.

These communication resources can be accessed 100% free of charge.

Click here for a quick guide to the resources available in The Opal Place

The Opal Support Network in Action

Here is a typical example of how a support network can grow and help all members can work together to connect families through difficult and stressful times.

Why have I set up this community?

Where I am now in my life is greatly in part to two situations that occurred during my life. The first situation was being in the foster system throughout my entire childhood and the second situation was being imprisoned and separated from my own child.

What I know first-hand is this:

1. Sad, lonely and abused children will have a high chance of growing into unadjusted and emotionally vulnerable adults prone to insecurities and addictions.

2. It’s hard to achieve and maintain good, healthy and relevant communication with your child during a period of imprisonment. This is made harder when the term of imprisonment is for a long period.

Thing is, I can’t go back and change my childhood and I can’t un-make the steps that I took which caused me to be imprisoned on two occasions totaling 3.6 years of my life and of my sons child-hood.

But what I can do is use the God gifted writing skills that I’ve struggled to learn to create a resource to help other parents retain a healthy relationship with their children during imprisonment. My belief is that by helping a parent inside communicate healthily and regularly with their child that this will in turn help the child grow and thrive (& help stop the endless cycle of pain).

Welcome to The Opal Place.