“What we find changes who we become.”

Peter Morville

Articles & Activities

Many Opal parents find it hard keeping pace with their child’s changing needs and interests. These resources provide information for an Opal parent to share with their child. The information will be current and cover a wide range of topics. There are also articles that a child can send to their parent.

The purpose of these articles is to help a parent and child communicate in a positive, healthy and informative way & vice-versa.


Live-In work options to consider – for Teens
These articles are for an Opal parent to send to their pre-teen or teenage child. This series of articles offer work solutions that provide accommodation. My hope here is that one of these articles might provide a safer option to work towards, especially for the children living in care.

Education Ideas to inspire Teens – These articles are for an Opal parent to send to their pre-teen or teenage child. There are a range of education options that they can pick and choose from to suit their child’s needs.

Natural Beauty Treatment Tips – Kids you might like to send these to one of your parents. All the ingredients can are available in New Zealand prisons through the food provided or from whats available to be bought from stores. Other Corrective institutions may offer similar or different foods and items that your parent can use.


ART – Can you draw this? Drawing tips & 3D Art
These drawing activities can be shared by both Opal Parent and any children.