New Zealand – Aotearoa

Kia ora – I love Aotearoa, New Zealand and am proud to call this country home. Like most countries we have plenty of good and not-so good aspects to our country.

My view is uniquely my view and given that I’m a middle-aged female, have Māori & Pakeha ancestry, was raised in the Social Welfare, relatively uneducated and have been in prison I expect that my take on my home-country will be different to some. 

So, if you have found your way to my website and aren’t familiar with Aotearoa, New Zealand I’ve attached a few video links for you.

100% Pure New Zealand:
Kia ora 

Time – 2:28 mins

TOP 3 | Best All Black Hakas
from 2016 – 2017

Time – 5:53 mins

The Treaty of Waitangi:
An Introduction

Time – 3:51 mins

Reconstruction of the
Treaty signing

Time – 1.:57 mins

Wild Coasts [NZ Documentary]
Wild Things

Time – 46.06

What is life like for
teenagers in New Zealand?

Time – 3:25 mins

NZ Māori –
Crime & Punishment