Glory be  to God in the highest & peace be on earth & good will to all mankind

Opal Faith – Sharing

By the Grace of God I was born with an optimistic personality. When I was a little girl I’d tell my teddy bear friends that “It’ll be okay now, because it cant get any worse.” As a person I never had any great faith in people (other humans) because from my experience all that people offered was pain.

But what I finally learnt  in prison came as a total surprise to me. I learnt that yes, while it was true that people cause a lot of pain, I also learnt that it was through people that God does His healing.

In my final year of incarceration I was at Arohata Women’s Prison and it was there that I had the great fortune to witness true kindness and generosity of spirit. The Prison Manager, Ann Abraham, her inspirational Prison Officers (in particular Alan), the Chaplains & Fr. Allan and members of the community showed me a different side to people and because of their belief in me as a person, my life-long negative attitude towards other people completely changed.

In Opal Faith Sharing I’m going to try and be as courageous as those people who went out of their way to help me in prison by sharing my personal thoughts and experiences as an Opal person of faith.

My prayer is that there will be some person out there in the world who my words will give some peace and direction to in their walk with God.


Opal Faith – Stories

In Opal Faith Stories I’ll post a selection of children’s faith stories that I’ve collected from the different faiths that can be shared between Opal parents and their children. Stories are a wonderful way for a parent to be able to share their faith with their child and learn about other faiths.

Please be patient with me as I have yet to add in many more stories from all the different faiths – I’ll get there!

If you have a favorite faith story please email or post me a copy.