“A caring prison officer is worth their weight in gold.”

Darly Royan  Paraha

Opal Parents New to Prison Kit

Hello Receiving, Remand, New Entry, At Risk & General Population Corrections Officers. All of these resources can be found elsewhere in The Opal Place but I thought that it might be useful if I put any resource that will help you with any Opal parents who are finding the first days and weeks in prison especially  hard. What might be an idea is if you print off these resources & create a few copies & pop them in a folder to use when you think its appropriate. Please also contact me if you can think of anything else I can create that would be useful for the needs of the Opal people you look after. The C2P Template Letters are for the Child to fill in & send to their parent & the P2C Template Letters are for the parent to fill in and send to their child.