“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.”

Robert McKee


When I was 10 years old two things happened. Firstly I learnt that my prime abuser was a coward & secondly I learnt to read.

My beloved eldest foster sister took the time to read me Daniel Defoe’s novel, Robinson Crusoe. Having someone make the time to spend solely with me was an unusual luxury which in itself would have been memorable. What happened next though changed my world. Over the course of the past few evenings we had made our way half-way through the story. At this point my sister shut the book and asked me if I was enjoying the story. I shook my head in affirmation and she then handed me that book with the words “well then you will have to read the rest of it to find out what happens.”

This event in started a life-long passion for reading. Through books and stories I was able to transport myself away from the realities of my life into a world of full of wonder and safety.

Each story I have written for my Opal brothers and sisters and their children has been written especially for them from my heart. Many of the stories I’ve written capture things that have happened to me or that I have witnessed.

Stories for younger children
These are stories that an Opal parent can post to their child. Some of the stories also have an added ‘information’ sheet for the parent. The Information sheets are to assist the parent use the stories to open conversation pathways.

ZoomyRabs stories – a series for younger children.
This series has been written for an Opal parent to send to their child. Having a story series with familiar characters helps create a sense of continuity. This is important to helping a child get used to their new living arrangements.

Stories for that a child or youth can send to an Opal parent.
These stories will be useful for the kids who don’t like writing long letters. All they need to do is fill out the front area and decorate or draw all around the edges of the story if they choose. These stories have been written primarily for entertainment and can be used to generate conversation in any phone calls; “hey mum did you get that story I sent? – what did you think of…”

Template ‘continuing stories’

These stories can be started on by the Opal parent. They would then post the story to their child and the child would write and draw in the next part of the story. The Opal parent and child would send this story back-wards &fore-wards until it is complete.

Stories for teens – The Ruka Story. This story follows what happened to Mere’s family after she took her own life at age 15.

Chapters – The Touchstone – a novel for tweens & kids 15 & under

This series was written for teenage and youth aged kids. Like the Zoomy Rabbit series this story follows the lives for key characters to create a sense of continuity in the youths lives. Unlike a published novel I have specifically included a rich dialogue of words, historical fact, environmental aspects,  spiritual aspects to entertain and educate the reader. Please encourage the Opal parent to read each chapter before they post it to their child so that they can discuss the story line with their child.